This is Music That Makes a Difference To Me

I've always found so much of my identity in music. Over the years I've had a very eclectic choice of music. I'll share various songs that touch me or have touched me over the years. If there are lyrics, I'll usually choose the lyrical version. Most of us are visual and I believe seeing the words, make it deeper into our being. Sometimes, I'll bring you the story behind the music. Other times, I'll bring you the why of a particular song to me. And still others will be both. I just hope through this music and my choices, you connect with me in ways we may not otherwise. Please enjoy! 

You Are I Am

Another great song from one of my favorite groups, MercyMe. I've seen them four times in concert. They bring it and the Holy Spirit! Have a truly blessed week!

All You've Ever Wanted

This wonderful song by Casting Crowns spoke to me from where I was to where God so patiently waited for me to realize. I do hope you know God doesn't ask much from us, just our love.


In Christ Alone

Love this song by such a gifted singer, Lauren Daigle! Have a blessed week!

You're Bigger

Great song by Jakalyn Carr with such a powerful voice! Enjoy your week!

Just As I Am

I'm very excited to share this song this week on my meaningful music Monday. This is the song I came to Christ to when I was only nine-years-old. I clearly heard God speaking straight to my heart through these words. This version is the most similar to the song I remember of that day, as if it was yesterday. This is by Brian Doerksen. I've also included the story behind the song written over a century ago by Charlotte Elliot.


Hope Can Change Everything

I've loved this song from the first time I'd heard it. Truer words were never spoken. This is a collaborative song put together by K-LOVE radio in support of an effort to restore downtown Detroit. The message of the song goes far beyond Detroit. This was written by Justin Ebach and Steven Jones. The artists featured here are: Bart Millard (MercyMe), Francesca Battistelli, Jamie Grace, Jeremy Camp, Sidewalk Prophets, and Matt Maher.


God's Great Dance Floor

This is a fun, upbeat, great song to dance to by Chris Tomlin. After the sad week I had last week, I really needed to dance. Get up and move. Enjoy!

I Can Only Imagine & Finally Home

My heart is so filled with sadness at the passing of our cherished author, Tom Conner that I have no words. Instead, this tribute is in his honor. I'm glad you made it Home, my dear friend!  

Happy Dance

This is a great fun song by MercyMe. If this song doesn't bring a smile to your face and light your fire, you're wood is wet! Have a blessed day! The story behind the music is below.


This is powerful song by Kari Jobe is one I have to often remind myself of. This will lead in to my Thursday blog, so do check back and see the connection. Have a blessed day!

Jesus I Believe

I'm working on the sequel to Royalty called Heirs. I'm collecting new music for the playlist to this book. I was in my dentist's chair when Wednesday when  I heard this song. Funny thing is I OWN the CD that this song is on, but I don't remember hearing it before now. It's so relevant not only to this story, but where I am right this second! 

I had to find the behind the music on this since my current struggle is so overwhelming. I couldn't help but cry. They might as well have added my name to this. I heard loud and clear. I hope you find the hope in this as I did. The lyric video is just below.

O' Lord

Love me some Lauren Daigle! This is a great song. Enjoy!



Many of you know I battle with depression. Many of those who seem to have it all together suffer from the same affliction. Here Danny Gokey talks about how he wrote this song out of a place of brokenness. So much of these lyrics speak directly to my soul and the struggles I often go through. I use this song (and many others) to lift me out of my times of darkness to return to the light. Greater is He who is within me than he who is in the world! Rise!

“My hope is that it will inspire you and give you strength to RISE above the things that are pulling you down and trying to stop you from being all that God has for you. YOU were made to be a radiant light of hope to those around you!”  — Danny Gokey


I love this group, Young and Free. They're a break off of Hillsong out of Australia. They're young and fun. My girls love dancing to their music. I like them because they're upbeat and relevant. I hope you get this song stuck in your head and find yourself dancing through your week! Live ALIVE! 

Still Breathing

This group is Verida. I love their hard hitting, edgy sound. I grew up in the 60's and 70's, so I'm a rocker at my core. When I was writing Royalty, I kept having songs that spoke to the story line. I prefer to write in silence, so I don't have playlists going in the background While writing Royalty, I found the value in listening to certain songs when I wasn't writing. I could tap in to them when I did return to work on it. They helped me set the tone and the mood for particular scenes. The first time I heard Verida sing "Still Breathing" I was just getting in to the part of the story when Rayne realizes what she's really dealing with. I'll periodically add other songs from the playlist I ended up creating for this book. Or you can see all of it by clicking on the words: YouTube channel.

Praise You in This Storm

The Contemporary Christian group Casting Crowns has been a long time favorite of mine. Not only are their words relevant in my life, but their music composition speaks to my soul. This is the first of many songs I want to share with you, that I hope to connect with you on. This particular song has made me remember, I need to praise God no matter what my circumstances are. I'm human, so I change as moments change, as my emotions change, as my surroundings change. One thing will always remains the same, my unchanging, steadfast God.

I will share the video of the song below. But first, I want you to know the story behind the song. Here is part of an interview with Mark Hall, the lead singer and composer of the song Praise You In This Storm.