Searching High by Matthew Welch



If Katrina needs one thing, it's a break from the last few years. Katrina has been falling apart ever since the disappearance of Kyle in her life, and it was time for an escape from her own mind.

When Katrina goes on vacation in the mountains she finds a mystery item that leaves her wondering if love is worth a second chance, or if she's better off alone. As the mystery unravels she finds herself becoming even more attached in possibly moving on. But can she?

As Katrina lets her mind travel, and sets an adventure to find love once more, her feelings from the past return for Kyle. Which will win: her new found interest in this mystery man or her unfortunate past once again? Only time will tell as she finds herself going on an unexpected adventure to seek love once more.



What happens when fate crosses the paths of two hurting people who are trying to heal? This unique love triangle between a damaged man, a mourning woman and her dead husband will make you believe that when two souls are meant to be together, the universe will orchestrate it.

Searching High

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