Farm House by Steve Soderquist

Terrifying but captivating



Ten years ago, a little girl was buried alive.
Ten years ago that little girl got away unbeknownst to anyone.
Not knowing whom she could trust, she never went home.
What does that do psychologically to a tender, naïve soul?
All these years later her, now divorced, mother tries to fill a
void left by her missing child with troubled teens. How far will
she go? How many are too many? Will the bottom drop out
before she stops bringing home strays? And who are these kids…
What unfolds in her farmhouse is more than any of them will
See coming, until it’s way too late to do anything to stop it.



Horror & gore not your thing? It won't matter. Farm House by Steve Soderquist is such a good story I just wanted to keep turning the pages to find out what happened next. This took so many twists & turns. Don't go into it thinking you know what will happen, you'll be wrong. What makes a great book? When it's still with you long after you've closed the pages. This story does that.

I was totally hooked by the second paragraph but by the last word I was so disappointed it was through; I just wanted it to keep going. By that time I was too involved in the lives of the people at the farmhouse.

Farm House