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Broken People

My heart is so broken lately, as I watch too many broken people suffer. The day we live in is filled with sensory overload. We are bombarded with messages. Too many of those messages are of doom and gloom, of pain and sorrow, of lack and want or need. We know we’re in the end times. So many of the things God told us to watch for, in order to tell then end is near, are happening. Alliances are being made that a decade ago would never have happened, the anti-Christ is here folks, cataclysmic weather is devastating areas all around the world, wars and rumors of war are prevalent.

I have done years of prison ministry. I always said my role was to be Jesus’ hands and feet to His broken people. When I showed the love of God to people who had never really experienced anything like it, I watched lives transformed. Many lives. I met precious people who had never even had a birthday party. Their birth had never been celebrated. No one seemed to care that they were here. Something many of us take for granted. Something some of us have gotten old enough to wish it didn’t come around so quickly. How is a child born and never celebrated? In chipping away at an individual’s self worth, they become what they think the world believes of them. Add to that the rampant bullying that goes on, not only in schools, but in the world in general. Grown adults bully other adults and worse, children.

All of these things are working together to tear people down. What is the result? An increase in depression, hopelessness and what I’ve been experiencing too much of lately, suicide. I know what it’s like to feel so low I wish it would all end. Growing up, I had to be the parent to my mother. She attempted suicide too many times and often I had to find her in whatever state she’d tried to end her life. She never succeeded, but it gave me a drive and a will to push through and never let that be an option for me. Unfortunately, there are so many who don’t have the history I do and take that way out. They don’t realize the devastation they leave their loved ones in.

So, what’s the answer? The same as for everything. JESUS. He came so that we will not only have life, but we will have it in abundance. I’d love to say once I was saved I no longer struggle with depression. Not so. What I can tell you are the things I force myself to do, especially when I’m in the deepest depths. I put on inspirational music and soak in the words of truth. I have different playlists that I turn on depending on what I need at the time. Sometimes, I put on Christian dance music and FORCE myself on my feet to change my physiology. Singing will do it also. I dig in to the Bible and find all the truths to negate my negative thoughts. I go for a walk, I will recommend exercise, but truthfully, it’s not like I do it. I’m just being honest. I know how much it helps to boost your endorphins, but you can boost them by walking too. I read inspirational stories, yes, there are still good things that happen in the world, the media doesn’t make as much promoting that as they do tragedy. I talk on the phone or go have coffee with someone I can get my bucket filled back up with. You know the people I’m talking about. When you leave them you are more energized. And when I’m feeling overwhelmed by the media, weather reports, or nasty social media, I turn it off for a time. If at all possible, take a break. Go away, even if it’s to a local hotel for a weekend. Disconnect from everyone and everything and just hang out with God. Take a bubble bath, listen to your playlist without commercials. And walk away from the internet and TV. Give it a try and see what I difference it makes in the way you view the world.

However, if you are entertaining thoughts of suicide or suspect someone who may be, please don’t leave it to chance. GET HELP! If it’s you, tell someone. If it’s someone else, be bold, ask them. You probably aren’t qualified to talk them off that ledge, but you can call for help for them. Very often, they don’t have it in them to even ask. Go here to get you or others help: You may not believe it, but you have a purpose and you ARE a blessing!

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