Seeking Book Reviewers

Do you love to read? Are you willing to post a review of the books you would be given free copies of? Then you’re who I’m looking for. I, personally, am looking for reviewers for my novel, Royalty about a young college girl raised in the Bible belt believing she was a Christian. When she comes to Christ she sees just going through the motions are not enough. She’s called on by God to rise up an army against the forces of darkness. What she keeps trying to convince God of is that she’s just a girl and doesn’t fight. Go along with Rayne as she is transformed by God. If you would like a copy in exchange for a review for me, please let me know. You can fill out a contact form or send to my email of I’m writing the sequel currently, so I’ll be looking for reviewers for that one too.

If you are a lover of different genres, not to worry. My authors at Foundations book publishing are always looking for reviewers. Go to our website take a look and let me know which you would be interested in reading and reviewing. Let me know if you would prefer mobi (Kindle) ot ePub (everyone else) format. If you will be reading on your Kindle device or app, you’ll need to make sure you give me your Kindle email address so it goes straight in for you. Make sure you add in your authorized senders list

Also, when you finish reading any book, do that author a BIG favor and make it a habit to leave a review. It’s quick and simple and makes all the difference.

You can’t beat FREE and reviewers are an authors lifeline!

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