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Slot it Out

Any one who knows me, knows I usually do everything to the extreme. I’ve always had a hard time creating balance. I’m in a point in my life that my “memory” doesn’t cover for all I’m involved with and responsible for. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for two years now and I’m about to burn out. I’m going to try very hard to be disciplined to stick to a schedule. Foundations has an author who astounds me with all the things she accomplishes. So, I asked her how she does it all. Her response was, “You’re so sweet.” No! I’m probably not about now. I’m stressed beyond measure and about to lose it! If any of you know/follow/are friends with SJ Pierce, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. After I finished convincing her I wasn’t blowing smoke, she told me how she does it. She plans out every hour of every day. At first I thought I’d never even be able to slot everything I’m responsible for, but looking at it laid out on a calendar helps. I get overwhelmed when I think of it all at once. I help my daughter raise the three girls, I have a fiance I try to pay as much attention to as I can. Thankfully, he’s not demanding. The girls are home schooled, so I teach them Math. I work full-time Monday through Friday. I run a publishing company. I build websites and make book trailers to help pay for my company. I write novels and have to not only promote my work, but learn whatever the latest way to do that is. Those are just the highlights. She assured me I’ve got this. I have to say, once I laid it all out and shifted some things around, I did feel better about it all.

Okay, I can do this. But what do I do when life throws me a bunch of curve balls, which is often does? She simply adjusts her schedule and moves the unfinished business to another day. Sure. Sunday was day one. Sadie (the 4-year-old) was very sick, fever, throwing up, and wanted no one but Yiayia (me). She also only wanted me to lay with her in the bed. Huh?! But Sadie, I have a new plan of action. Me doing nothing doesn’t fit well with my plan. In the end, which is more important? You guessed it! I laid up in the bed with her. I rubbed her back, sang to her, and watched her TV programs. I guess that’s what they make tomorrow for. However, what it did was help me keep track of what I had to shift to the next day and where. It takes 21 days to make a habit. I’m just hopeful the habit I make isn’t just moving my calendar all over all the time. I want to feel a sense of accomplishment when next month comes along. To be able to say, “I may not have done it perfectly every day, but I did it a lot better than I ever have before.” I want to look back and say, “Look at all I managed in all those hours.” And feel proud of myself for being disciplined.

Yeah, okay…this is how mine looked before Susan’s help:                   This is how it looks after Susan’s help:


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