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Age is Just a Number

How’s everyone feeling today? Old? Young? Tired? Energized? I turned fifty-five on Saturday, January 14th. I don’t even feel close to that age. How does this happen? Thankfully, I’m often told I look much younger than my calendar age. There are days, though, that I feel every bit of that and more. However, when I’ve had a restful weekend and plenty of sleep, I feel much younger than my 30-year-old daughter. Funny how that happens. My grandfather, who lived to be ninety-four, always used to say, “Age is just a number. You’re as old or young as you feel.” He obviously, often felt young. He was so active. He was building houses well into his eighties. He was a retired minister by that point and had no interest in sitting down and relaxing. As many things as I keep going in my world, I would imagine I’ll follow in his footsteps. On those days when I feel old and tired, I look back over the past several days and realize I have good reason to feel as I do. My sister asked me recently if I knew how many jobs I had. I didn’t. I know I work full-time at American Fidelity and full-time at Foundations, my publishing company. She listed the others and I suddenly felt very tired. Ha! Keeping a full and active life is one of the things that helps me feel so young.

Another is surrounding myself with young ones. By my age, many are grandparents. But they usually have the grandchildren visit, love on them and send them home. Mine live with me, so sending them home is no more than the next room. Not exactly the same. I watch them some days and wish I had their energy. However, in order to keep up with them and all their antics, I’m forced to have more energy and think younger. It’s good for my soul. It’s amazing what we can do when we’re forced to. From there we can choose to. I’ll be certain to see that I always stay in the company of children to foster my inner child, imagination and creativity. All of which help me stay young at heart allowing me to maintain a younger feel, thus helping me look younger. Good genes and great skin care products help as well.

For my birthday, I went to see the movie Sing with my whole family. So much fun! We sat down front. It gave me a perspective more like a child seeing the big screen larger than life. As I looked down the row at the awe and wonder on the faces of my granddaughters, I found myself widely grinning and feeling so happy inside. It helped me forget my calendar age and be in touch with my spiritual age, which is so much younger. Another of my tricks to feeling younger is laughing. They say laughter is the best medicine. It’s no lie. I love to laugh and do it a lot. I find humor in so much of life. When there doesn’t seem to be any, I go in search of it. I’ve heard when you’re having a bad day, go find videos on cats? They always illicit laughter from me. Even better are videos on kittens or puppies. Try it the next time you’re highly stressed. It actually creates a physiological response in your body and lowers blood pressure.

Now it’s your turn. What do you do to feel younger? If you’re feeling old, why? Do you want to feel younger? If so, what are you going to try to do in order to achieve that? Please comment below and share with me.

Written by: Laura Ranger

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