Terri George


Love and Romance − it’s what makes the world go round and I love writing about it.

If you like romance novels about a Hot and Sexy, Bossy man & a Strong and Sassy girl who gives as good as she gets, with plenty of Hot Sex, you’ll love my books. I write Erotic Romance − books to make you blush. You have been warned.

I am the author of God’s Gift 1: Taking it Stateside, Frost Trilogy and (the FT spin off story of the best friends) TORN, plus the short story, Feast on Me.

Despite all the hot sex, what I really write are love stories, jam packed full of emotion because I believe… When it comes to Love and Romance, neither should be anything less than Extraordinary.

From a small child I’ve loved to lose myself in stories. I’m a firm believer that if heaven exists, it contains every novel ever written and has big squishy sofas to curl up on and read for all eternity.

Before I started writing romance novels my comedy play, The Magazine was performed at The Bush Theatre in London and my poetry has been published in several anthologies. However, I knew what I really wanted to write were novels. With several unfinished manuscripts languishing in the depths of my computer’s hard drive, it was my discovery of erotic romance that led me to the realisation romance novels are what I should be writing.

As English as they come, I couldn’t survive without tea. From Rachmaninov to Aerosmith my taste in music is best described as eclectic. And I make a mean chocolate cake.


Sebastian Baines is the Bad Boy your mother always warned you about: YOUNG, HOT & LOADED. It’s a lethal combination. And he’s taking it Stateside.

A charmer with the gift for sealing deals, he’s at the top of his game and should fit right in at Berger & Schwartz.

His contract is for one year. 365 days in which he plans to make some mergers and acquisitions of his own, and cut a serious sexual swathe through the female population.

He’s never had a problem pulling the birds in his native London, but there’s at least one New York girl who doesn’t think he’s God’s Gift … And it’s driving him crazy.

God’s Gift 1: Taking it Stateside contains sexually explicit content.




Sparks fly when Mia meets the Man with a capital MUH, Nick Frost. She can’t deny she’s attracted to him − big time; all six feet four inches of him. Who wouldn’t be? In his Armani tux that’s doing little to disguise the hard muscular physique beneath the exquisite tailoring, sapphire eyes so deep she wants to drown in them, not to mention his voice… all breathy and sensual, whispering over her senses as he murmurs her name… he’s downright irresistible.

But Mia isn’t looking for a man. Still getting over a bitter breakup, she’s in no rush to let a man into her heart again any time soon. And this one has Player written all over him.

What Mia doesn’t reckon on is Nick’s tenaciousness. A Man who’s used to getting what he wants, he’s persistence personified, finally wearing down her resistance.

Their attraction is incontestable and their passion blazes, but although Nick may be convinced Mia’s The One, he’s a Man with a past; a past he’s determined to keep from Mia.

There’s just one problem with secrets: they always get found out. And Nick has plenty of them. Just how many times can Mia find it within herself to forgive him his past?

But Nick isn’t the only one with secrets. Mia’s keeping things to herself too. When Nick discovers she’s not quite the girl he thought she was will he be quick to forgive?

They say true love conquers all and God knows Nick and Mia have worked hard for their love, but just when they think they’ve weathered every storm and come out the other side closer than ever, life has one more curveball to throw at them. When Nick acts before thinking, will Mia come through for her man? Will she win them their Happy Ever After ending?


The H/h’s best friends from Frost Trilogy are back and now it’s Aiden and Jen’s turn to steam up the pages of their story and possibly fall in love.

Aiden Byrne is out to prove that a Nice Guy can win the girl, but the girl in question isn’t going to be that easy to convince.

Men don’t last long with Jen. She has no trouble sticking to her golden rule: treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen and get shot before you get in too deep. That is until Aiden slips in under the radar, striping away her defences and worming his way into her affections.

One HEA coming up… Oh, if only it were that simple, but life and love rarely are.

Just when it looks like Aiden’s on the brink of having everything he’s ever wanted, the unexpected happens forcing him to question how good a man he is.

Aiden’s TORN between doing what’s right and doing what makes him happy… Either way, whatever he decides, someone’s getting hurt.


Love isn’t easy, but Mia does love Nick; of that she has no doubt. The trouble is she doesn’t know if she can trust him. And what is love without trust?

Nick keeps so much hidden. Mia’s tried to get him to open up without success and knows she has to take it slow, give him time. But how long is she supposed to wait for him to trust her enough with all the things he’s keeping inside?

As the saying goes; be careful what you wish for. Mia may want to know what Nick’s hiding, but when more of his secrets are revealed will she be able to accept what he’s done before they even met? Just how many times can she find it within herself to forgive his past?

 But Mia isn’t the only one struggling to trust. Nick’s faith in her is rocked when her past barges into their present and threatens to tear them apart.

Will their love be enough? Will their passion that blazed so brightly burn itself out or is it strong enough to see them through and keep them together?




Some men are just too hard to resist, and Nick Frost is Irresistible: a Man with a capital MUH; a Man who knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it.

Mia James isn’t looking for a relationship much less a one-night stand and Nick’s efforts to ‘woo’ her only confirm her suspicion that he’s a Player of the highest order.

In Nick’s head it’s a done deal. Mia’s The One. But nothing is simple in life or love. He’s willing to hand Mia his heart, but will he let her into his head? Will he trust her with the secrets from his past?

Mia can fight it all she likes, but their attraction is off-the-charts, and there’s only so much temptation a girl can resist. The question is; can she trust and give herself completely to a man who keeps so much hidden?



Nick is bereft; a man adrift. Only Mia can save him from his demons, but how can she forgive? She knows what she saw…

Secrets test love to its limits. Nick promised to let Mia in, but he just needed time. Now time is running out. But Nick isn’t the only one keeping things hidden. Mia isn’t quite what she seems. Forgiveness works both ways. Nick wants Mia to forgive his past, but will he forgive hers?

As if they haven’t been through enough, just when they think they’ve put their troubles behind them, life throws them the ultimate challenge. When Nick acts without thinking it’s up to Mia to come through for the man she loves and find a way to ensure his freedom.

Ultimately, love is nothing without acceptance. It’s about acknowledging all the fears and insecurities. Will Nick and Mia be able to accept each other’s flaws? Can they both Let Go of their fears and insecurities that threaten to rip them apart and somehow find their way to their Happy Ever After?



Dominant husband − Submissive wife.

Hot Sex is guaranteed, but there’s Love and Romance too in their perfect marriage.

They are happy.

There’s nothing he wouldn’t do to keep her.

There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for him. Even agreeing to the ultimate test of her love.

But will they survive it?






 1. Could you tell us a bit about your most recent release and why it is a must-read?

God’s Gift 1: Taking It Stateside is the first of two books about, Sebastian Baines, a broker who’s offered a year’s contract in New York when his London-based company is taken over. He’s a charmer who plans to make some mergers and acquisitions of his own during his 365 day stay in the Big Apple. Well, that’s the plan. What he hasn’t reckoned on is Italian-American sexpot, Gina; the one girl in NYC who’s apparently impervious to his charms.

Why is it a must read? I’m far too modest to say, but in the words of one of the 5 star reviews God’s Gift 1 has received it’s… “Class and finesse mixed with the downright dirty.”

2. What is your favorite part of this book?

I always make my heroes work hard for the girl so I love the chase. After that I adore seeing how their sexual attraction turns to love.

3. In addition to being a writer, do you have a day job? If so, what is it?

I’m not currently working because having recently moved to the US I’m still waiting for my paperwork to come through so I can work legally. Back home in the UK I was a personal assistant at senior level for many years, after several years out of the workplace while I was having treatment for cancer I couldn’t find an office-based job so I became a live-in carer, and for the last 5 years before my move I was a sales administrator.

4. What does your typical day look like?

Go through my Facebook feed and post stuff. Talk to the cat. Tweet. Try and remember to eat something. Oh yes, and write. Rinse and repeat. Blimey, that sounds boring doesn’t it? But somehow the day goes far quicker than it ever did when I was at work. And there are teasers to be created and a trailer for each book, plus I create all my own covers. Btw I am going to be revealing the new covers for Beguiled, In Too Deep, Letting Go and Torn soon when my sparkly new website is finished. Even though I say so myself; they are beautiful.

5. What do you love most about the writing process?

When my characters take over and I find myself typing something and thinking: oh, okay, we’re going there are we?

6. Of all the characters you have created, which is your favorite and why?

I always love the hero I’m currently writing − it’s only natural and if I don’t love them how can I expect my readers to. But if you’re adamant I have to choose one, it’s got to be my very first hero, Nick Frost, because he’s (as one reader described him) a “perfect sexy beast of an alpha male that any woman would rip their right arm off to get with!” I thought about what my perfect man would be like and wrote him.

Okay, in RL I could probably do without the traumatic back story, but from a fictional point of view that’s why another reader said Nick is “everything I adore in my fictional alphas: warm-hearted, hot-tempered, sexy, devoted and flawed.” What I really love about Nick is how he grows as a person throughout the three books in Frost Trilogy and finally allows himself to be happy.

But my books aren’t all about the men.

I write strong women and I adore God’s Gift’s Gina, but if I had to pick my favourite girl it would have to be Jen. She’s the heroine’s best friend in Frost Trilogy and the leading lady in her and Aiden’s story, Torn. As one readers said, “she’s a riot.”


7. Are your characters based on real people or did they all come entirely from your imagination?

Although there are aspects of all my leading characters that come from me, my thoughts and beliefs, that kind of thing, and of course I’ve come across people who have the traits of some of my more unpleasant secondary characters, self-indulgence, arrogance for example, I haven’t based any character directly on anyone I have known.

8. What is the biggest surprise you have experienced since becoming a writer?

That writing the books is the easiest part of the process. It’s everything else that an indie author has to do once the book is finished and the steep learning curve that this involves.

 9. Since becoming a writer what has been the best compliment you have received?

Books are all about the words…

One of the 5 star reviews said: “God’s Gift is an erotic romance, but Terri and her fantastic writing gives it an edge that other books in this genre are lacking. She simply has a way with words”.

And a reader of Frost Trilogy said: “Terri is explosive with her words. You will fall in love with her writing and her story”.

When readers say stuff like that it makes this indie author very happy because it means I’ve done my job.

10. If you could ask one question of any one person, living or dead, what would it be and to whom?

Jane Austen. And my question is: When you were writing Pride and Prejudice, did you realise you were writing the seminal Alpha Male in Mister Darcy that all AMs in (erotic) romances aspire to?

11. What is the toughest criticism given to you as an author?

I must have been exceptionally lucky because I haven’t had any tough criticism. Of course, I’m not counting the two haters on GR who received an ARC of my debut novel, Beguiled: Frost Trilogy 1 (at their request) then proceeded to tear it apart, one of them even accusing me of plagiarism. (I haven’t plagiarised anything btw, I would never do such a thing.) I was incredibly hurt by this at the time, but then I was new. Now I know that some people just love to hate and this happens to all authors. Thankfully though, it hasn’t happened to me since.

12. If you were riding in an elevator with a new writer, what wisdom would you bestow upon him/her before you reached the top floor?

Get an online presence long before you release your first book. In fact get on FB and Twitter before you even start writing your first book. That way, by the time you release you have a network of people who’ll be gagging to read it. (btw, “gagging” is good, it’s English for when you really, really want something)

For whatever reason, when the words won’t come, don’t worry. Just walk away − literally, go for a walk, or do something else and let the words find their way to you, because they will. Some writers say you should stick it out, but I don’t think you can force it and if you do there’s a very good chance it will have to be re-written anyway.

Have faith in yourself. Yes, writing a book is hard, I’m not going to pretend it isn’t and anyone who says otherwise is lying − or hasn’t actually written a book themselves. Keep going. One sentence at a time.

One hundred thousand words? I can’t do it. I remember saying that to a writer friend of mine. His advice, along with telling me “yes you can” was to remember a book gets written one word at a time.

13. What is the most amusing thing that has ever happened to you?

The most amusing things have happened when I’ve been under the influence and they’re all a bit of a blur. So, cheeky mare that I am, I’m going to take a total liberty and change my answer to something I’m proud of doing.

The first time I travelled abroad on my own (many years ago) I flew to Germany one February to visit my former flat mate. Due to a snow storm in Frankfurt the flight from Heathrow was delayed and when we did finally make it to Germany the landing was aborted at the last minute because a plane was stuck in the snow on the very runway we were about to land on. After eventually touching down, making it through Customs & Immigration and baggage claim I then discovered that my friend had forgotten to tell me that the town of Würzburg where she lived was 76 miles away.

There was no one around to ask, but somehow, despite my total lack of German, I managed to discern that I needed to board a tube train to take me to the main overland train station from where I managed to find out where to obtain a ticket and which platform I needed to be on. Finally, after having left home at 4pm I arrived at a tiny station in the middle of nowhere that was devoid of people and covered in six inches of snow at 1.30am. Because I should have got there hours earlier my friend had been popping back and forth to the train station in the hopes that I’d finally arrived. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long before she turned up again, and I can honestly say I have never been so happy to see someone.

The good thing about my experience is that it taught me I can handle anything so not much fazes me now.

14. What websites or resources have been helpful to you, as a writer?

Google. I love it. I do a lot of research for all sorts of things because I want my books to be authentic and I’m a stickler for getting my facts right. Google is like having a reference library at my fingertips.

I’m with you 110%! I can hardly remember when it wasn’t all at my fingertips.

15. Do you have any hidden or uncommon talents?

I can say the alphabet backwards, does that count? My father taught me when I was around six.

That’s so cool! 

16. What would the main character in your most recent book have to say about you?

I’ve heard from her previous heroes she puts us through hell, but at least she eventually gives us the HEA ending we deserve. Problem is there’s a second book to get through before I get mine.

17. What is something memorable you heard from a reader/fan?

The best was making readers ugly cry when they read In Too Deep: Frost Trilogy 2. One reader wrote in her review: “Not many books make me cry. Yes, I can get teary eyed, but full out cry… nope. This book made me cry… especially the last part… heartbreaking.”

And, talking about a secondary, highly influential character in Torn another reader said: “I wanted to jump into the book and punch her in the face!!!”. She was supposed to dislike her btw.

Knowing readers connected with the stories so intensely is everything to me.

18. If money were no object; where would you live and why?

If I spoke better than schoolgirl French it would have to be Paris. It is a beautiful city and I love all things French, especially the wine and food, and when I say food I mean cheese − mmm Brie and Camembert with a crusty baguette and a glass of red wine, heaven − but seeing as I don’t it would have to be New York. In a penthouse apartment with a huge terrace overlooking Central Park, bliss. Oh, and a summer house in the Hampton’s to escape to of course. Well you did say money was no object. In which case I could have a pied à terre in Paris too.

19. Currently, how many ideas for different books do you have going/jotted down?

Seven. All very different including a comedy drama, a gritty thriller and I might even venture into the world of paranormal romance too.

20. Where can we find you online?






I so appreciate you taking the time to be with us today, Terri and wish you continued success in all your works.


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