With Country Singer, Chris Young

My sister, Eileen is a trucker and hauled Chris’ band gear around for a time. When he appeared in Biloxi, a few years back, she took me to see his show and meet him. He does a great show! If you ever get a chance to see one of them, don’t hesitate. So much fun!!! I don’t know much in the way of Country music since I primarily listen to Contemporary Christian, but man! He made me a believer. I now own all his music.

He’s not only easy on the eyes and a fantastic showman, he really does have a great set of pipes. When they were all loading up and we were hanging out in the parking lot for them to finish getting my sister loaded, Chris was about to get on his bus and sang out across the large parking lot, “Come on Eileen…” 

I laughed and she said, “He does that to me all the time.”

I said, “It’d be one thing if he couldn’t sing but that boy can SANG!” I would know, I was vocally trained. with a keen ear.

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