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Let’s Make Chaos…I Mean a Memory

My life is full and rich. Or total chaos, depending on how you look at it. I’m sure there are many who can relate to this. You see, I had an only child because I was unable to have more children. Our attempts to adopt failed, so we settled for the treasure God entrusted to us. Keri was so easy to raise. She was well mannered and well behaved. She was pretty much always agreeable. We had a few hiccups in her teen years, but it could have been a lot worse. We were very lucky. Then came the grands…Before the grandchildren my life was completely organized and in line. Everything had a place and everything was in its place. My life was normal and predictable. Peace abounded in my world. I had friends who would come to my home seeking solace and harmony. I don’t have visitors anymore. This place often looks more like a war zone than a sanctuary. Keri first had twins. Girls. That is a whole other world! These people who say, “Oh yes, I know what it’s like, I have two a year apart. I’m sorry but you have NO idea what we’re talking about. A year apart is not twins. Nothing we had been through in all our life had prepared us for this adventure. It is absolute truth that there is something called twin connection. They can communicate without audible words and work against you. They all live with me and I I consider myself truly blessed. I’ve gotten to be a mother again…still. These two are more destructive than any mob of boys ever thought of being. They get us going in forty different directions at once until we can’t think straight and may just lose our minds. They are imaginative and inventive with seemingly no boundaries. The word, “No” is beyond their comprehension. They will tag team us until they wear us down and out. Then three and a half years ago Keri had another girl. I thought life was a whirlwind before, but I wasn’t even close. We currently have twin eight-year-olds and a toddler and 2 full grown cats that the little one can’t help pick up every opportunity she gets. They then make themselves dead weight in hopes she realize she can’t handle them. But wait…there’s more! We added to this mayhem by adopting twin Labrador puppies. Yes, we totally lost our minds.

So, we have three completely different personalities who believe the world is all about them. They all talk to us at the same time about three completely different subjects. They ask the same DIFFERENT questions at the same time and repeatedly until we’d like to go insane and wonder why we haven’t promptly answered them. While we’re attempting to communicate with each other, we have the two older ones questioning us, fighting with us, negotiating with us, while the toddler is trying to carry a cat that doesn’t like the puppies over the dog’s heads and they are jumping on the baby to get to the cat. I’m sure you get the picture. Now, we’re trying to housebreak the puppies, we have puppies peeing and pooping all over the house, one of the twins will help clean it up, while being overly vocal and spraying air freshener until we could choke. We have the toddler who pays no attention and frequently comes out with, “Eeeeuuuugggghhh!” as she walks through piles of dog poo. As we try to clean her feet and toes we often have the puppies excitedly jumping on us and licking her face. To which she giggles and squeals and makes it much more difficult to clean the mess.

We have three very independent little girls. So, often we have situations where we’re off cleaning little feet and we hear things like, “Try putting that in the toaster oven and see what happens.” “No, you have to use a sharp knife to cut through that.” “Aubri’s sitting in the sink, is she allowed to do that?” “Look at how cute I am with bangs, I cut them myself.” “I know it’s only July, but here’s my Christmas list so you can get started.” “I can’t find my tooth for the tooth fairy; I’m not going to get any money.” “I don’t want that for dinner, I’m going to make…” “Sadie just went outside through the doggie door and I can’t get her to come back.” “Sadie, you need your diaper changed, you’re poopie. No, Zoe did it.” Oh yes, life at my house is a barrel of monkey’s fun!

I want to hear from all of you. I’m going to pin to the top of my Facebook Author Page about this post and want all your family stories. Please go comment to the pinned post, so I can know I’m not alone. Happy Monday!

Written by: Laura Ranger

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