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Fall Equals Football

Hey, guys! Today’s blog is all about Fall. I love the change in seasons, each season. There’s something wonderful about fall when the air gets a nip, I take a walk through the fallen leaves, then turn on the fireplace and sit with a good book and hot chocolate. I love the magic outside, as the leaves turn fantastic colors and the musky smells they produce that inspire me to dream. Pumpkins, hay bales, various colored mums to decorate the properties, makes me nostalgic. When I lived in Upstate New York, I always picked apples in the fall, bushels of them. We made Apple Butter, Applesauce, Apple Crisp, and kept some sliced in the freezer to add to various dishes throughout the winter. But what excites me most about fall? FOOTBALL season! I’m a bit of a different fan, though. I enjoy the game. If it’s not my New Orleans Saint or Mississippi State University, I can watch and not route for one or the other. I enjoy the plays. I just find the game invigorating and will watch whichever game is on at the time, when I have free time. Then when it gets down to the wire, meaning playoffs, if my teams aren’t in the running, I choose who I would like to see win. The best fun is actually being at a football game with the crisp air, the cheering crowd, hot cocoa and boiled peanuts, the band, the cheerleaders and they athleticism, and oh yeah, the players and coaches. Then I don’t care if it’s High School, College or professional. My favorite are the games that keep you on the edge of your seat enthralling. Don’t get me wrong, put MSU or the Saints in the lead early and keep them there. May be why I don’t bother to choose, I just enjoy

the play and the more challenging the better. I can appreciate both sides of the game unless the players are just being stupid. So, here’s the deal, I’m going to add a comment section to my Author page and invite everyone to post a comment on 1) Who your favorite Football team is. 2) What’s your favorite fall memory. I can’t wait to read the answers.

     Go Saints and Dawgs!     


Written by: Laura Ranger

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