The Truth Always Comes Out, So Why Lie?

I have to admit, I do tend to rely on my family to keep me up to date with current affairs. I used to watch the news every morning and listen throughout the day. I could find no good news and what was being touted was beaten to death. It was too often being speculated about too. I don’t want my news in speculation just to claim being the first to report. I want facts. So, my family knows to just let me know when something significant happens, otherwise, I’m clueless and happy that way.

I was driving into work Friday morning and the Contemporary Christian radio station I listen to made reference to “…just tell the truth.” They then asked people to call in and tell about a time when it was hard to tell the truth, but in the end, it was the best way. I thought, Yeah, okay, I get it. Then they went on to make a comment about the US in Rio at the Olympics. By that time, I was at the office and wondered what they were talking about. I Googled “Lie in Rio” and BAM!!! Up popped a slew of news reports about a group of 4 swimmers from the US Olympic team. The 4 men went on the news saying they had been at a convenience store and were robbed at gun point. The world was shocked and felt for these poor guys. Uh…no! What really happened was they were peeing in the alley and vandalized the restroom. They were seen by an employee who got an armed security guard involved. The swimmers got into their cab to leave. The guard told them to get out. When they didn’t he pulled his gun. They made the group pay for the damage they caused and let them go. All was caught on surveillance video. Really? What the hell would make you 1) open your mouth about it, 2) go on TV and 3) lie about what happened? Instead, they made their country, which I just happen to share, look bad. It doesn’t matter we have enough issues all on our own, we really don’t need delinquents, like these idiots, adding to it. It doesn’t matter that they don’t represent the majority of the US or even the US Olympic teams or even the majority of the US Olympic swim team, their lie being found out will forever leave that stain on our country.

My real wonder is…why? What purpose did it serve to bold-face lie? Oh wait…I know, I know, pick me, pick me…their idiot liars, a/k/a lawyers. They’re spinning it that they were robbed at gun point. Ha! The authorities pull their weapon to get them out of the car so they don’t take off. Then they make the group pay for the damage they did, and that’s armed robbery? A big reason why we have the delinquents we do in this country. If you’re not held responsible for your actions and get off on excuses, you don’t learn to take responsibility. You always make yourself the victim.

I imagine these four didn’t consider the repercussions of their actions. They REPRESENT the United States of America. Forever their actions will taint what they do. Let them win a medal, it will be “Oh yeah, those guys that lied in Rio.” Don’t think the majority are wondering if they will do what they did and lied, what else are they lying about? Let them lose and don’t tell me society won’t be thinking, Good, they deserve it. The bottom line is, their stupidity and unthinking actions will forever color them and their future actions, regardless of how “good” they are.

Back in my day we tried to blame it on those two culprits, Not Me and I Don’t Know. Obviously, that was lame and we’d get busted. How about there are three involved and when asked who did it, no one knows. What would happen? All of us would get it. Fast forward to the generations taught nothing is ever their fault, they are always the victim and the scenario goes like this: Guys vandalize property. Law enforcement steps in. Someone’s to blame. Who? The law. Why? Because the vandals are victims. How twisted is that? But we witness it all the time. I for one, am sick to death of individuals not taking responsibility for their actions and pointing the finger of blame at someone, anyone else.

Does anyone feel the same way or am I in this boat alone? Does anyone have any suggestions on what can be done about it? I’ll be posting this to my Google+ and Facebook pages too. I’d like to hear what you have to say about the subject.

Written by: Laura Ranger

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