This is Music That Makes a Difference To Me

I've always found so much of my identity in music. Over the years I've had a very eclectic choice of music. This won't be just one music genre, since I enjoy so many various and different forms. What it will be is various songs that touch me or have touched me over the years. If there are lyrics, I'll usually choose the lyrical version. Most of us are visual and I believe seeing the words, make it deeper into our being. Sometimes, I'll bring you the story behind the music. Other times, I'll bring you the why of a particular song to me. And still others will be both. I just hope through this music and my choices, you connect with me in ways we may not otherwise. Please enjoy! 

Still Breathing

This group is Verida. I love their hard hitting, edgy sound. I grew up in the 60's and 70's, so I'm a rocker at my core. When I was writing Royalty, I kept having songs that spoke to the story line. I prefer to write in silence, so I don't have playlists going in the background While writing Royalty, I found the value in listening to certain songs when I wasn't writing. I could tap in to them when I did return to work on it. They helped me set the tone and the mood for particular scenes. The first time I heard Verida sing "Still Breathing" I was just getting in to the part of the story when Rayne realizes what she's really dealing with. I'll periodically add other songs from the playlist I ended up creating for this book. Or you can see all of it by clicking on the words: YouTube channel.

Praise You in This Storm

The Contemporary Christian group Casting Crowns has been a long time favorite of mine. Not only are their words relevant in my life, but their music composition speaks to my soul. This is the first of many songs I want to share with you, that I hope to connect with you on. This particular song has made me remember, I need to praise God no matter what my circumstances are. I'm human, so I change as moments change, as my emotions change, as my surroundings change. One thing will always remains the same, my unchanging, steadfast God.

I will share the video of the song below. But first, I want you to know the story behind the song. Here is part of an interview with Mark Hall, the lead singer and composer of the song Praise You In This Storm.