High School Musical Days



Here's a blast from my past. This is from High School when I was in the musical Little Mary Sunshine. This was my voice teacher, Mr. Callahan. He's gone from this world but forever in my heart. I did this role with a heavy German accent. I had to seriously tap in to my German roots and recall my great-grandmother's speech patterns. So much fun! 






Baby Laura, Grandma Pethick and Daddy



How's this for a throwback? That darlin' little muffin in the middle is lil' ol' me...about 54 years ago. That's my most cherished grandmother on the left and my father on the right. 






My Cheerleading Days


Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a natural born cheerleader, but I was an actual one as well. One of my God-given abilities is of encouragement. It made me seriously route for our team regardless of how good or bad we were. Heehee. My favorite was cheering for basketball. Why? Because we were indoors! It gets frappin' cold in Upstate New York in the winter!!!

With My Friend, Kirk Dunseath



This feels like a hundred years ago. This was in 1983 at my wedding. We had a fantastic photographer that didn't miss a trick! Kirk and I were passing on the dance floor did this move VERY QUICKLY and kept on walking. It was caught on tape and here it is. For any of you that know my dear, sweet friend and Foundations editor, Mary Cassell Vallely, that is her at the table just over my head. This was a big-time flash back for me. Hope it gives all of you a chuckle.

Some of my friends in High School with me


I'm in the middle in the back in the white with blue shirt. The other 5 with me are friends I sang in a select choir with. We were on one of our trips in this picture. We always had so much fun! Counter-clockwise from me are Jannine, Martha, Pam, Steve, and Janet. This is a WAY throwback. And I've found others, so I have weeks covered. Stop back weekly and see what I have in store for you. 

Makayla and Aubri


My sweet twin granddaughters at their 4th birthday party. They had so much fun! They and several of their friends and family celebrated at the Ag Museum in Jackson. They rode ponies, a carousel, and a train around the grounds. How precious our girls are and what little ladies they are becoming. It doesn't feel like it was four years ago. Time really does go by so fast. Enjoy youth while we have it. They're not so little for very long. Sadie wasn't even a thought at this point. 

With Fiancé, Steve Soderquist

Steve Soderquist and I on the day we met. I must admit, we're much better with age. SO sorry for the grainy picture, but it's the only one I have of us when we first actually met back in 2013. 

For those of you who don't know our story, we met on Facebook over the common love of writing. We then joined a few other authors to play a writing game. We each added sections. What a blast. From there, it just grew. We began Skyping every night. In November 2013, he moved from Tampa, Florida to my house in Mississippi. We wrote Rogue together. We broke up in 2014, not because of writing a book together; although, it sure puts a strain on a relationship. He returned to Florida. In 2015, we had to release our book together. We sorted our difference out and got it right, he moved back and is not leaving. We're now engaged to be married.

With Country Singer, Chris Young

My sister, Eileen is a trucker and hauled Chris' band gear around for a time. When he appeared in Biloxi, a few years back, she took me to see his show and meet him. He does a great show! If you ever get a chance to see one of them, don't hesitate. So much fun!!! I don't know much in the way of Country music since I primarily listen to Contemporary Christian, but man! He made me a believer. I now own all his music.

He's not only easy on the eyes and a fantastic showman, he really does have a great set of pipes. When they were all loading up and we were hanging out in the parking lot for them to finish getting my sister loaded, Chris was about to get on his bus and sang out across the large parking lot, "Come on Eileen..." 

I laughed and she said, "He does that to me all the time."

I said, "It'd be one thing if he couldn't sing but that boy can SANG!" I would know, I was vocally trained. with a keen ear.